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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Just when I think that I have written all that I could ever hope to write about this VA, the muse strikes again. With the original carrier spanning 1956-1982, I took into account the recession of 1982, and the rise of America West Airlines, the following year. My latest bout of creativity took into account the demise of Frontier Airlines, in 1986, and the pending closure of Denver Stapleton Airport, and the exhorbitant landing fees that were planned for the new Denver International, at that time. There is now a firmer story for the livery change to the golden tail, and the new 1990-1994 continuity has the hub and base at Colorado Springs, due to the heavy competition in Phoenix. Once again, an economic downturn forces the closre of the carrier, just before the real world rise of Western Pacific Airlines, at KCOS, in 1995.

The modern day concept got a re-working, as well, with another resurrection of the 717 (at last, a decent FSX panel has been found!) and 737-600. I'll have to get the download packages back up on AVSIM, soon.

No plans exist for revival as an active VA, just yet. There would have to be alot of work done with the timetables, and life pulls me in other directions. RMA, like a good piece of music, just keeps on giving inspiration, and, as now presented, offers a kind of US airline industry history lesson, by presenting a plausible carrier that never was (but could have been).

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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Once again, it is time to examine whether to renew the domain name. It will go on. Red Mountain Airlines, the VA, shall remain dormant. What had looked like a ramp-up to a return to full operations is merely some final housekeeping. Modern RMA is a "what would it look like now" situation; it is "historic" RMA that is the bulk of the story, and it is already written. This looks to be the final post of this blog; Feliz Cinco de Mayo to those who celebrate.

Mauna Rua Air has been written anew, but will not be returning to operation. After much deliberation, it was decided to keep the DC-10 paint buried forever (it's kinda hideous, to my eyes, in the wake of refining my painting skills). Further deliberation has served to keep the A330-200 paint under wraps. The 767 is the perfect choice, and the aforementioned concept of linking Seoul-Incheon to Ontario and Las Vegas via the Kona hub are the only regularly-scheduled flights.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Pele's Around the World

Work continues on getting the Level D and Captain Sim paints done for the 767, but the turtle decal on the engines, along with a nebulous period in RMA history had me fleshing something else out; a DC-7B in a Mauna Rua livery that does not contain the Pele image. The story is already on the Mauna Rua page of the RMA website.

Meanwhile, before a MRA timetable is finalized, in time for the end of the school year, and summer vacation season, I have developed a pair of "Pele circumnavigation tours" of magical islands around the world to coincide with a low period in our scheduled services. The Southern Hemisphere around the world route is flyable westbound only, between now and May 15th, which is the target date to begin MRA scheduled services.

Click on the map to enlarge.

The routings for these 9-filght tours visit islands of magic and mystery. For the Southern Hemisphere Tour, with a focus on exotic beaches and wildlife, we visit Fiji, Bali, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Sal (Cape Verde Islands), Baltra (Galapagos), Easter Island, and Tahiti, before returning to Kona. Our 767 can fly it all in comfort and style, and the aircraft used is having a special seat pitch installed for pure luxury service for a lucky 112 people (among the world's wealthiest), who will literally be able to sleep on the plane. Each tour is designed to last 45 days, giving the travellers an average of five or six days at each stop. Look for these around the world tours to become annual features. The Northern Hemisphere Tour has a more intensive party vibe, and flies eastbound from Las Vegas, and visits Jamaica, St. Maarten, Iceland, Ireland, Rhodes, Phuket, Macau, and Kona, before finishing.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paint Shop Dispatch

Pele now adorns the tail of a CLS 767-300ER (N767RM "Kilauea"), as well as an Overland model (N763RM "Hualalai"), and the call has gone out to the FS community at large for help in painting the Captain Sim and Level D paywares (which would use the names of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, respectively). Gone is the winged mountain on the engines, however, since I found a cool Hawaiian turtle design that looks like it has wings. I have a flexible operational situation to work with, in terms of the Mauna Rua Air services redesign, so we'll see about whether or not it'll happen. Like modern RMA, the emphasis looks to be on payware aircraft. The files should be available soon enough.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dreams of Pele

She's in my head again, dammit.

RMA is finally how it should have been all along, and once again, thoughts turned to the Mauna Rua concept, despite declarations to not revisit it. The 737-600 was one of my better paints, and the VC works in FSX, making the aircraft attractive to keep, but it is the 767-300ER that captures my imagination. I have begun to paint the CLS bird, and would also try the Overland, Captain Sim, and Level D, although I would need a paint kit and tester to help me with the latter two, as I do not own them.

As for services, it's all about going where present real carriers do not. Once again, Kona is the hub, but the destinations are limited to CYVR, KLAS, KONT and RKSI. Japanese carriers already serve RJAA and RJBB from PHKO, although RJTT service remains a possibility for later, since Tokyo-Haneda is expanding the international terminal, and Hawaiian Air begins Honolulu service soon.

Don't rule out the Q400 either. I'd have to paint the PAD bird, but that would mean VC's in both FS9 and FSX. I like the idea of the inter-island plane being freeware, and the long-haulers being payware.

No pictures yet, but I already know who would be smiling at the news.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

737-200s available

The re-work of the VA's past into a museum is now complete. The 732 packages became available on AVSIM a short time ago. The site has reverted to its' prior format. I had withheld the 732's until they had changed, so that RMA might have a small part in the celebration, but there are glitches afoot, and we wish AVSIM well in getting them addressed.

If you enjoyed trying the Mardi Gras charter, try some extra runs to KIWA-KBOI-KLAS, for spring break. Our next event-specific charter shall be out of Vegas for the Kentucky Derby.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Downloads, and the first MD-87 Charter

The MD-87 liveries for CLS and JCA payware craft were released to AVSIM over this past weekend, and the DC-6B livery has just been uploaded. The 737-200 packages will come soon.

Meanwhile, try flying the MD-87 out of KLAS to KMSY this weekend, to enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans, returning Wednesday the 9th.

We'll add additional flights to/from Boise for spring break, as we have put some nice packages together that cater to college students at Boise State, and other area universities. Try hopping the Horizon Air Q400 in Montana Grizz paint to/from Missoula, for additional feel, and a little variety.

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